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1. Aarhus Universitet: Center for Multireligiøse Stud

Har til opgave at beskrive, analysere og fortolke udviklingen af det multireligiøse landskab.

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2. Dansk Selskab for Religionshistorie (DAHR)

Information, adresser, vedtægter og nyhedsbreve.

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3. Tro på DR

Om tro og religion, kirke og folkekirke, religiøsitet og åndernes magt.

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4. How To Restore Spiritual Awakening

A spiritual awakening's signals are like the signs of a physical awakening when we try and escape from bed.

Firstly, in our consciousness we reach a stage in physical awakening when we're no more filled with only lying down in bed. We're in merely lying down tired. Our body is telling us to rise up. The indication here is the uneasiness we feel as we lie in bed.
This uneasiness gradually pushes us to awaken.

So additionally, in spiritual awakening we become aware that we're no more happy with the state of our religious life. Our spirit is telling us to move on. Here is the sign of uneasiness that is spiritual. We're not satisfied with our state of spirituality.
We would like to rise above our present degree of spirituality.

The flash of light over our face, first faint gets brighter as the morning moves on, although the sign here is it.

So also the light from your Spirit who brings to birth our spirits to signal us that the morning of our spiritual life is already it would be shone on by all other spirits and that we have work to do.

Thirdly, in physical awakening we wake up because back of our consciousness we have planned a work to be done through that day. Generally during the night before we sleep we are thinking of our work the following day. When morning comes, this work is remembered by our head and we are led to get up to do that work, whether that work is a part of our daily routine or something which is from the typical routine.

And so we wake up spiritually. We come to our spiritual senses.

Fourthly, in physical awakening occasionally we are awakened because there exists a risk that faces us. We're awakened by a peculiar sound and we rise up to find out exactly what the significance of this peculiar sound is. This might be accompanied by a state.

So additionally somebody yelling at our spirits that there is risk near may awakens us. It could come from a novel we are quietly reading, telling us that the world has been engulfed in a danger of enormous proportion. The sign here is that this crying of danger heard by our spirits.
This risk might be the prevalence of wickedness around. Because of this somebody prays for it, a type of yelling to paradise, an acknowledgement of failures and sins. Enlightenment follows using the spiritual awakening although confusion may ensue.

Fifthly, in a room of crowded folks sleeping, such as in a transport terminal or within an evacuation centre , physically we wake up because we feel soon all the others will soon be awakened additionally and somebody else has already waken up. We do not want to be the last to awaken. So we wake up.
The sign here is the first risers from sleep's movement.

We are curious what this spiritual awakening is that's happening to other people. And we don't want to be the last to awaken spiritually. The indication here is the initiative of these innovators.

All around the world spirituality is now a favorite topic of discussion, especially among sociologists and business people. We don't want to be the last to benefit from these new developments in the business world and society.

Sixthly hunger and/or thirst may awakens us. We believe we are not full and we need to wake up, rise and prepare something for breakfast. The indication here is our feeling of physical hunger. This feeling tells us it is time for you to awaken. A cup of cold water or a different round of alcoholic drink is what they crave for that they are alcoholics.

So also in spiritual awakening we feel spiritual thirst or spiritual hunger, our spirits are hungry for physical enjoyment, not only more of the goods of this world for example wealth, or better things in life or popularity. Our spirits are longing for the values that finally matter, like enduring love, encompassing attention for the surroundings, compassion for the deprived in life.

Seventhly, if we are on field trip or an excursion on a high mountain we may be awakened by a desire to see the lovely view around us. We can scarcely wait for the first streaks of morning to reveal the great thing about the plain.

So also we may have begun an experience in the spirit's walk and we are able to scarcely wait before our eyes for the unfolding of the spirit and so we wake to behold this magnificence exhibiting its wonder within us. The sign here is the desire to contemplate this religious beauty .
We want to experience our oneness with others as well as the entire universe.

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5. Replacement Windows

Don't worry, if you sign up to Apple Macbook Air finance and treat your business to a host of new computers, you'll still be compatible with others who use Microsoft.
As one of Canada's largest vinyl window and door manufacturers, we offer a huge variety of products, such as, front doors, bay windows, exterior doors and more. The interior design and decorations are important, the furniture, the wall painting, the doors, the appliances, everything reflects your taste.

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