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Olsen Shop - Online Shopping Net
ID # 52740
Titel Olsen Shop - Online Shopping Net
URL http://www.oshop.dk
Beskrivelse Her kan du købe lidt af hvert, fragt kun 15,- men vi leverer kun i Danmark.
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Kontaktperson Solbjartur Olsen
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Both Washington D.C. and Denver have similar programs already in place, as well as a number of other cities in Europe.

According to Bike Nation, the city of Anaheim will also put a smaller program in place that is modeled after the Los Angeles program. A spokesperson for the Bike Nation corporation said that although the initial installation will provide 4,000 bicycles, the company hopes to increase the number in the future.

Prices for renting bikes are $6 for the day, $1.50 for an hour and $4.50 for 90 minutes in the Los Angeles area. Any rental for an amount of time less than 30 minutes will be free and one-year passes cost $75.

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They are also equipped with GPS technology (which also works as an anti-theft measure) so that they can easily be located. Riders can also download mobile applications to help find routes and other kiosks.

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